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Hello dear readers! I’m Fabrizio, writing from Toulouse, where I grew up and where I’m studying management and marketing of sport industry at Toulouse Business School. I’m not going to speak about (the great) general features of this wonderful school, because I prefer to focus on the various associations that allow students to become more professional as well as enjoying student life. Today, I will focus on Cheer Up.

First of all, I’m in charge of the communication at Cheer Up TBSCheer Up association goes to hospitals to distract and develop personal projects of 15-29 years old who have cancer. We try to find partners and funds to help them realize their dreams. For example Manon wanted to swim with dolphins, Marine start singing again or Bastien wants to drive a Formula 1 car. Thanks to great motivation and altruistic people we succeeded in realizing all of these projects and even more. You can find here the presentation video I realized with my team this summer to recruit new students.


The year before I was put in charge of the communication, I was recruited to organize a big event aiming at earning money for the projects and make Toulouse citizens aware of Cheer Up goals. With a friend we organized “Holi Up by Cheer Up”, a wonderful festival for young people, children and families to enjoy the sun, games, music, colorful pigments, food, drinks and inflatable games. Here is the teaser that presents the event.


Last week with the Rotary, EFS, and Rotaract of Toulouse we organized a blood donation. During 4 days, Toulouse citizens were asked to come to la Salle des Illustres du Capitole to give their blood. Cheer up was in charge of the communication and organization of numerous activities such as games, music or jokes to attract as many people as possible. Thanks to a lot of efforts and motivation we reached 3764 donors in 4 days which was never achieved before for a blood donation in Europe. So Toulouse now owns an European record !

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