The Purple Side of the Pink City: the Visit of Toulouse Football Club

Toulouse Football Club


Stade Toulousain

When talking about Toulouse and sport, we imagine it is all about rugby. But, actually, football is also taking a great part in local people’s minds and hearts. As Sports Marketing & Management students, we were offered the opportunity to spend a morning in Toulouse Football Club stadium.

The immersion started with the deputy CEO of the club in the VIP room, offering us an amazing overview on the whole stadium and pitch. We were introduced to the main facts of the Toulouse Football Club, before being given a focus on the future challenges of the club by the marketing manager.

When it comes to football, as a fan you can probably think you know a lot, if not everything on this sport and its offside practices. In reality, it goes much more beyond the sport itself and what we experience on TV or at the stadium. A spotlight was given to us on the shadow zones of football, considered to be the most popular sport across the world.

Stade Toulousain Facility

Taking even more advantage of the privilege we had to be there, we were taken on a tour of the stadium and the infrastructures. Going through the conference room, the studios, the media dedicated spots, the hospitality lodges, the bleachers, the players’ corridor and changing rooms, we deeply realized the complexity of such a place to manage, as well as the feeling of the incredible atmosphere that might occur on a game day.


TFC is willing to offer a sense of belonging to the community and to give back what it has been offered by the region to it. It is a club that is truly driven by real values.

 In that way, this visit allowed us to become aware of the concrete strengths and gave us a global vision of the football club, on both short and long term. This has changed our opinion and attachment to this club, which is trying to stand and think out of the box.

Clotilde Patard – Msc Sports Marketing & Management


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