From Tourcoing to Casablanca

From Tourcoing Casablanca

Electives in Casablanca

In Casablanca TBS campus, the class took place during the weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, so I had time to enjoy the sun and to do some visits in the city.

Upon my arrival I was very well welcomed by the students from the Casablanca campus, they ensured everything went well, and explained me the things to know about the city.

The Monday after my first elective the holiday started for me… and many activities were offered to me in Casablanca.

I chose the visit of the Mosque Hassan II because this mosque is reputed to be the biggest mosque in the world and Hassan II is just wonderful!!!! I attach a picture of the mosque, please don’t judge my talent as a photographer 😉

Then during my stay I had some different cooking experiences for better and for worse. I had for example fried fish, a local specialty, I advise you to use your hand to eat  :p

To conclude my article, if you go to Casablanca, you can just enjoy the sun and get tanned.



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