Unleashing your creative confidence with design thinking

When people hear the word “design thinking”, they might think it’s only for designers or art directors. Actually it’s for everyone.

Every human being has some creative ideas that need to be unleashed. But you probably wonder… How?

In November 2018, Marketing, Management and Communication students had “Design thinking” classes. We learned how to think and create products from scratch in unconventional ways.

For instance, how can we improve a school bag? First, we needed to generate ideas as many as possible and wrote them down on post-it, each idea on each post-it. Then, we make them as clusters in order to see which ideas are similar and to see consumer’s pain points. After that, we chose one clutter to develop ideas. And we tried to portray consumer’s behavior with our product by illustrating a storyboard to see his daily life with this new product. The next one was really important.. It’s a prototype. Normally, we design a product on software like Adobe photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. But for design thinking class, a concreate prototype was much more impactful. No only we had to build it from scratch, but also the materials are limited and they were provided by professors. Team members had to brainstorm how to select materials and how to build a prototype carefully. To be honest, It was extremely fun and seemed crazy. However, every process mentioned above had time constraint. We had to act quickly and tried to express whatever came in our minds at that time rather than calculating risks or thinking about profits of product. When we had a prototype, every team member went outside classroom to find potential users and asked for opinions about this prototype. It was interesting and literally make sense because sometimes designers or innovators forget user’s pain points or user’s opinion. They just want to present their absolute new idea to the world without asking real users.

Apart from this class, I read a book called “Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential within Us All” written by David and Tom Kelly. They are brothers who form d.school in USA in order to help people unleash their creative minds. In this book, we can learn about design thinking as well and know insights from Silicon Valley people! They are many quotes I like from this book…

“When you unleash your creative confidence, you start to see new ways to improve on the status quo”

“You can achieve audacious goals if you have the courage and perseverance to pursue them”

“Constraints can spur creativity and incite action, as long as you have the confidence to embrace them”

After finish reading this book, you will definitely be confident in your creative mind. Recommended!

Last but not least, design thinking can transform the way we think, not only in our work but also in our daily life.

Supattra SOMPUN


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