Urban Bar: Discover the ESH Lille’s Students’ “Head Quarter”


The Urban Bar is a lounge bar in the center of Lille, and was open in 2016. The bar is basically hidden, but this location makes the difference with the other bars. The Urban Bar has two big heated terraces and inside you will discover a sofa, table and a dart game. Moreover, the Urban Bar does not make promotion itself, it is done through word-of-mouth only. Every Tuesday evening, poker tournaments are organised.

The staff propose a wide choice of drinks:

  • Typical bear (Chti’, Chouffe, Rince Cochon)
  • Rum, Vodka, Whisky, Tequila …
  • Wine
  • Cocktails
  • Shooter
  • Soft drink…

We really appreciate this bar because of the barman’s work and the good product. In addition, the price is cheap; for example, the pint is 5€. But as you know, we need to eat at the same time, if not the party ends rather quickly…

That’s why the Urban Bar proposes eat-boards with cheese, ham, chorizo, pickles, salad, bread… and honestly it is a good value for money.

This place is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Guests often visit from 6pm to 12pm during weekdays and the bar is more crowded on Friday night and Saturday of course.

Finally, ESH Lille students decided to organize a party in January with our class, we wanted to invite you Toulouse but we thought we are so far apart!

Now Urban Bar is our Headquarter!!


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