Valentine’s Day – from a fairytale to a commercial day ?

Valentine’s day is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration all around the world. Since the 14th century, it has been associated with romantic love, an occasion where lovers express their loves by presenting flowers, offering gifts or even writing poems. The real origin of this date comes from England where we thought birds were pairing at this period.

We observe today in France that lovers don’t hesitate to be inventive, surprising their loves. The #1 gift irreplaceable is the rose, more than 1.3 million were sold in 2016. GREAT JOB !!

But it appears we pay more attention to this date at the beginning of the relation by being more impressive and budgeting more (around 150 euros). After 5 years, our budget falls to 70 euros, half of its initial amount !!  Come on guys, don’t be so shy and tightfisted !! 😉

  • On Valentine’s day, we help flower shops increase their sales by 80%, a 24.8 million euros turnover in ONE day !
  • Only 14% of French people have a sex toy, not enough against 49% of Swedish or 43% of Americans ! Are you we too shy to have this kind of things ?
  • Increase by 45 % of sales for a chocolate producer!
  • Restaurants are booked between 80 and 100 %!
  • Perfume stores double their sales (Saturday)!

Continue to spend money on Valentine’s day, an opportunity to show your love and maybe another one for our economy to bloom!


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