Venice: What else can you see besides Piazza San Marco?

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Venice is a city situated in the Northeast Italy on the banks of the Adriatic sea.


For every people who is tired of the noise and pollution that we can have in the big cities such as Paris and Toulouse, Venice is made for you: no roads, no cars, no subways… the absolute tranquility. To get to the city of Venice, you will have to use small river buses called “Vaporetti” which are the Venetian public transport.

It is also in this city that you will have the possibility to sail on the Grand Canal and on the other little canals by using a gondola – the typical venetian bark.

The principal place of Venice is called « Piazza San Marco » or St Mark’s Square in English. In this place, you will have the possibility to visit :

  • The Basilica of Saint Mark

Cathédrale Saint-Marc à Venise220px-Campanile_de_Venise

  • The St Mark’s Campanile which overhang the St Mark’s Square. It is possible to climb up to the top in order to have a panoramic view of the city of Venice.
  • The Doge’s Palace which was the 1128546796residence of the ancient doges. Today, it is a museum in which the works of several painters and especially those of Veronese can be observed.


When visiting the Doge’s Palace, it is possible to cross the Bridge of Sighs which joins the Palace to the prison. Its name comes from the last sight that prisoners were doing before reaching the prison. Indeed, it was their last moment to see the outside and take a deep breathe.


                     Rialto Bridge

When visiting the city you will lounge the Grand Canal and use different bridges in order to cross it such as the Rialto Bridge.


                             Venice Carnival

The city is also full of typical shops which sell venetian mask. Indeed, each year, in February, takes place the Venice Carnival where people wear colorful costumes and masks during a few days.

But Venice is not the only place to visit. There are also some islands that are beautiful to see such as Burano and Murano.

Burano differs by its houses with bright colours (such as blue, yellow, orange, pink…). Its speciality is the lace.

Murano has for speciality the glass : you will have the possibility to visit workshops where you can find artisan called “glass blowers”. They are in charge of giving a specific form and color to this mineral.



I strongly recommend you to visit this city, its monuments and to immerse yourself in this new culture.

Johanna Etienne


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