We dare you to study in Casablanca for one week

Feeling unsure when hearing about going to Casablanca ? Probably that is only in your mind!

As we chose to come to TBS Casablanca campus to study Global Luxury Trends Integrating Marketing Strategies as the elective course, we got the chance to discover the real Casablanca and eventually found it so amazing!

Never miss the local food. We went to the Moroccan restaurant La Squala that was recommended by the host of our Airbnb as a must try, also a Moroccan barbecue restaurant near the coasts What I felt the most impressive are Tajine and the spicy sauce there. The taste of all we had is still stunning on my tongue…

Be open to the people. People there were actually very welcoming in a particularly curious way. We got welcomed by people yelling to us NIHAO, by people approaching to us at school just to say hi and to ask what we are doing there, and even by street kids shyly observing us and running around us. Please don’t be astonished by that, they are just welcoming us.

Don’t hesitate to plunge into an exotic beautiful world. You’ll travel through their great heritage and ancient downtown area and come back with plenty of non filtered photos, Moroccan leather shoes, handmade wooden boxes and memories of eating their typical tajine, hoping that they can bring back the exotic feeling.

We didn’t just go to sightsee, we worked ! The most interesting and exciting part was that we went to Morocco Mall to test the service of those luxury stores. Besides, the group work was definitely the highlight of the whole week class. We were working with TBS students from each campus and also from different countries. We worked hard but we also had fun. This work in the end shortened the distance between us. We made such nice and cool friends which was more than our expectations. And it was absolutely different from the trip as just a tourist.

Too many pieces of memories came along with us after this week. If you get the chance to go to Casablanca for class, don’t miss it and dare come ! Then you will have many of your own stories!

Li Lu


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