Weaving: Get on the DYI Trend of 2017


Weaving is currently flourishing as DYI activities are booming! Back to the roots! Sewing, knitting and weaving are back!

What do you need to start a weaving work?

When you begin, a selection of yarns of different colours and thicknesses and a loom will be enough. The loom can be handmade (you can find tips on internet) or you can buy one for about €15. Then, as you get more confident, you may want to add some accessories (beads, shells…).

How to do?

Some people first draw on paper the pattern they want to make, some just go without preparation, inventing along the weaving 😉 ! Then you do the warp preparation with a thin yarn (the vertical threads that will hold the craft), and off you go for the weft part (the horizontal part that will constitute the pattern).

What is best about weaving?

  • You cannot fail (except if a warp yarn breaks) 😉
  • You are making something from your own hands!
  • You can use yarn leftovers only!
  • You can do a whole weaving within 2 hours (even while watching TV if you want) and get a hand-made unique piece!

For what purpose?

  • Decoration: on a wall, on a cushion, under a vase…
  • Gift: once again, it is a hand-made, understand “highly valuable” item!

Let your creativity go wild!!!


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