What Does It Mean to Be a Woman in 2017?

It’s #WomenHistoryMonth ♀, and the whole world out there is celebrating the achievements of women in the social, political, economic, cultural and scientific fields! While this feeds us with hope, it also tells us a lot about women’s struggle to be recognized.

Three decades ago, one may think that by 2017, talking about women’s quest for equality would be a lesson in a history book.

Alas! we are in 2017 and the world still falls short on gender equality. Women are still associated to certain occupations and sectors that are usually low-paid. Women are still victims of domestic violence, and women are still marginalized in managerial positions in businesses and in high-ranking political offices as these remain male-dominated.

Gender equality has been one of UN’s top Millennium Development Goals and is still a priority in the Sustainable Development Goals agenda. But why is gender equality so important?

First, gender equality is in itself an inherent right; women like men are human beings who are entitled basic rights that ensure their well-being. Second, gender equality is an engine for development. Women are key players in the broad economic development process and the benefits of empowering them spillover to the rest of society.

Indeed, every woman is worthy of being recognized, celebrated and honored, because women not only make up half of society, they raise and educate the other half.

To join the conversation on #WomenHistoryMonth♀, SM2 Cluster female students got together to reflect on what being a woman means to them in today’s world. They are bright, independent young ladies from all across the world, and they all share that being a woman is synonymous with being strong, self-empowered and fearless. They are proud to be women and they are fully living their present with a positive outlook to the future!

And you, what does being a woman mean to you?






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