What is the strategy of Nintendo?

For many years, the application on smartphone are more and more important and present in the world. To confront the market of application on mobile, the famous Japan company elaborate a new strategy: introduce this market. 

The applications created by Nintendo

Nintendo have launched in total 13 applications, the 3 most popular are:

  • Miitomo: a social network launched on March 16th, 2016. In this application, after the creation of your Mii character, the users can speak and play with their friend.
  • Pokémon Go: a mobile game using augmented reality to capture Pokémon creatures in real life. The goal is to find all the Pokémon in the real world. The application is regularly uptade.
  • Super Mario Run: A platform game with the characters Mario’s univer released on December 15th on IOS. Few months after, the application have been launched on Android. In this game, there are 8 worlds, only the first is free.

The result of this strategy

The results are mixed for the strategy.

For Miitomo, the launch is a success… but just for few months. Two years after, the Nintendo’s social network have been stop. The main reason is the abandonment of the application by the users.

About Super Mario Run, 2 weeks after the launching, downloading reached more than 90M just for IOS. The success is present. However, only 3,33% of the people have bought the full version. Nintendo have declared to be disappointed.

Finally, the application which the most important success is Pokémon Go. Only few weeks, the application had already generated 30M dollars. But it’s not the only success of the application for Nintendo. This application had impact of Nintendo 3DS console sold.

Indeed, targeting this market, Nintendo has allowed to discover or rediscover the Pokémon franchises to owners of smartphones and give them the desire to play Pokemon games on Nintendo consoles.


And the future?

Nintendo is developping lot of new applications. The next one will be a mobile version of the famous game : Mario Game. The name of this new version is Mario Kart Tour.


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