What makes Michel and Augustin different?

Description of a success story based on Corporate Culture, Event, social networks communication and powerfull marketing.

How the dream Michel and Augustin was created?

Created by two entrepreneurs, Michel de Rovira and Augustin Paluel-Marmont, Michel and Augustin is a French company created in 2004 and expanded in the fields of Yogurt, dairy desserts, biscuits, crackers, and juices.

Michel and Augustin are two childhood friends. After their studies and different professional experiences, they decided to start working together in 2003 with a first project: writing a guide about the best bakeries in Paris.

Then, the creation of Michel and Augustin started after 3 observations of the two friends in a supermarket in Paris:

  • In general, the biscuit prices are drawn down : a direct result of low quality
  • It is really difficult to understand the recipe : too much components
  • The fact that the consumer share anything with the brands


A brillant Marketing Strategy

Competition is hard in food industry and it’s more and more difficult to stand out of the crowd. The key to success of Michel & Augustin isn’t a huge marketing budget, but a clever use of simplicity and creativity. The best showcase of this type of brand is undoubtedly the products and company values that they transmit. In all their products, Michel & Augustin retains its basic promise: authentic, homemade and quality ingredients.

The price is certainly higher than average but the strategy makes it stand out from their competitors.

One of the big parts of the brand marketing strategy is its presence in the streets of major French cities or in New York. Michel & Augustin has made the wise choice to invest heavily on street-marketing.


Specialist in communication, virality, and relationship brand/consumer

Michel and Augustin are particularly brilliant in term of communication: they managed to be viral. The keyword of the brand communication strategy is the use of a childish tone on all its communication channels. Michel & Augustin has opted for humor and derision, wanting to be close to its customers. The idea is to invite customer to join the family Michel & Augustin.

In February 2007, Bill Gates gives a conference in Le Palais des Congrès (Paris) in front of 6000 entrepreneurs. Augustin dropped one of his “Cows to drink” on the speakers table. The video of the conference will be diverted on the social media and Michel and Augustin created a viral marketing campaign with Bill Gates, photographed next to the yogurt.


Michel & Augustin is rich in education and serves in particular to emphasize the importance of the relationship brand / consumer. A beautiful lesson in marketing, communication and building a strong community!


Guillaume Besse


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