Internship Objectives

The internship provides an incomparable opportunity to strengthen and/or to define clearly your professional profile, or if need be to redirect your professional path and enrich it thanks to a different mission.

Internship has to be considered as a springboard towards the job market.

It offers unique possibility to complement and reinforce your skills, to get a valuable and reusable reference, and to heighten your network. It is an excellent opportunity for you to deploy your knowledge, to implement your techniques and know-how, to validate and refine your understanding and practices, and to get additional responsibilities thanks to the initiatives you’ll take.

We provide you support and assistance in your job search, for instance to avoid some organizations’ bad practices (hopefully seldom).

The internships might take place in France, in Spain (Barcelona for instanceJ), in Europe and of course at a larger scale in any country worldwide.

Please note that ‘VIE’ (International Volunteers in Business, IVB) and other contracts (‘CDD’ and ‘CDI’; fixed-term contracts and open-ended/permanent contract) are completely eligible and could favorably replace the internship!

On average, one third of the students got a regular contract (fixed-term or permanent) instead of the internship (or turn their current internship into a regular contract).

The salaries are obviously varying a lot, depending on diverse parameters (location / country & city; sector; position & job; size of the company; and of course your own profile!). Remunerations range from 28K€ (communication, surveys) to 38-45K€ (business development, consulting) and on average around 33K€. If the gross income obviously counts, other aspects have to be taken into account (training programs within the organization, reference, experience & type of the missions and/or customers/suppliers, ability to create a valuable network, time management, other perks…).

Please note: Apprenticeship Students remain followed by their CFA supervisor. However, each time exchanges are occurring with the latter and/or with the Head of the OP, put in copy both supervisors (i.e. CFA supervisor AND the Head of the OP).

Types of missions which can be trusted to the student during this internship

The scope of possible internships is as wide as the B2B field, enabling you to look for diverse organizations proposals in purchasing activities, project management, sales & business development, consulting, professional marketing & communication. It is very difficult to be exhaustive here as there are very diverse missions, but among others, you might be in charge of:

  • Conducting market surveys (suppliers’ market for purchasers and customers’ market for salespeople)
  • Carrying out a strategic analysis of a market
  • Preparing & negotiating contracts with either suppliers and/or customers
  • Preparing partnerships (marketing, communication, supplier, customer, other stakeholders)
  • Preparing events and/or communication activities (web, social media, print…)
  • Taking part to e-strategy
  • Managing a project (organizational project, business project…)
  • Auditing business practices within a group (even at an international scale): best practices, checking the implementation of new rules…
  • Consultancy missions (change management…)
  • Canvassing a new market
  • Taking part to quotations and to request for proposals
  • Setting up your own company!

Examples of recent internships and missions (including VIE & CDD/CDI)

COMPANIES Mission Location
ACCENTURE Assistant to Project manager Paris
AIRBUS Communication & marketing Toulouse
ALCON Product Manager assistant Paris
ALTRAN Business Engineer Toulouse
AMARIS Business Development Belgique
ANIMEDIA Assistant to Project manager Inde
ARKEMA Purchasing Paris
ASTEK Business Engineer Paris
ATOUT FRANCE Assistant to Project manager New York
CAPGEMINI Business Engineer & consulting Toulouse, Paris
CASSIDIAN Business Engineer Toulouse
DANONE Purchasing Paris
KELKOO Marketing & Partnership Paris
MICROSOFT Business Development (public markets) Paris
ORANGE CONSULTING Customer relationship Paris
PAYPAL Marketing B2B Paris
PRICEMINISTER Partnership & Sales Paris
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Marketing Lille
SAINT-GOBAIN Purchasing Paris
SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Marketing Singapore
SERVIER B2B Marketing & Network Brazil
SNECMA (Safran) Purchasing Paris
SOLVAY B2B & Corporate Communication Paris
SONY B2B Marketing and Sales Paris
STADEFRANCE Marketing Paris
THALES ALENIA SPACE Marketing Toulouse
TURBOMECA (SAFRAN) Purchasing Bordes (64)
VALEO Purchasing Reims
VEOLIA WATER Business Development Seoul
XEROX (CDI) Sales representative Nantes