Business-to-Business (BtoB or B2B) covers a great range of professional contexts (from high-tech firms to the ‘old economy’ of automotive industry, and represents a much significant part of the modern economies (above 50% of the GDP).

B2B consists of all organizations that purchase goods and services to use in the creation of their own goods and services (transactions for resale being out of scope). Owing to the extreme diversity of related goods and services, the B2B transactions and relationships are tremendously different, leading to subdivide B2B into three distinct parts:

  • mass B2B (standardized goods & services, often sold online),
  • recurrent B2B (customized goods & services, requiring a dedicated sales approach),
  • project B2B (complex goods & services, tailor-made).

As a consequence, this “Management B2B” Professional Option (OP) intends to deal with high-tech, Internet-based activities, advanced materials and/or processes (aerospace, automotive, building, microchips, technical fibers…) as well as with services and consulting (engineering, business development, purchasing activities…).

Pedagogical and Professional Objectives

  1. To sensitize students to the business practices and to the positions and jobs they might hold in the B2B sector.
  2. To ease the professional integration in mastering the B2B environment features: forging a competitive advantage on the job market in front of other students predominantly trained to B2C marketing exclusively (Hutt & Speh, 2007).
  3. To get ready to work in professional environments with the right behavior, the right knowledge and understanding, the right tools & concepts (project management, RFP, KPIs, Supply Chain, purchasing process, business development, BtoB marketing…).
  4. To be aware of the stakes and dynamics generated by and within the value chain in the B2B environment thanks to feedback.
  5. To think of issues and marketing & sales opportunities in the B2B context (complex selling, problem-solving approach…).
  6. To deepen the understanding of tools and methods in business development and management.


BENAROYA Christophe coul

Head Professor

Dr. Christophe BÉNAROYA
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PO Assistant

Nathalie FORGET
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